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CAPTURING GRACIE: LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCACTION! Finding the perfect location for your senior session

Updated: Jun 19

Meet Gracie Fizet, a remarkable Southeast High School senior who leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Gracie's kindness, loyalty, and cheerful demeanor make her a beloved presence in her school community. Her sweet and gentle soul truly stands out, earning her admiration and respect from peers and teachers alike. Gracie embodies the qualities of a compassionate and thoughtful individual, making her a cherished friend and a role model for others. Her bright personality and positive outlook are sure to take her far in all her future endeavors.

Gracie's well-rounded personality and achievements in cheerleading highlight her strong dedication and school spirit. Her passion for reading, music, and movies reveals her curiosity and desire to explore different worlds. Gracie's ability to excel in sports while nurturing her intellectual and artistic pursuits is inspiring, demonstrating her as a true role model for those who look up to her.

Capture Life Photography takes great pride and prioritizes tailoring each shoot to reflect your interests and passions. Gracie's senior session was a truly unique experience, as it took place in a cozy bookstore in Shaker Heights, Ohio called Loganberry Bookstore. This setting perfectly captured one of her greatest passions: reading. The choice of location not only highlighted Gracie's love for books but also provided a charming and intimate backdrop for her photos. The bookstore's ambiance, combined with Gracie's natural grace, resulted in a shoot that authentically represented her personality and interests.

Gracie, it was an absolute joy working with you! Your photoshoot was filled with fun, creativity, and unique moments that perfectly captured everything you love. We truly enjoyed making the session all about you and showcasing your passions in such a special way.

Keep shining bright and loving everything you do. Your zest for life is contagious, and we have no doubt that your passion will continue to inspire those around you. You are beautiful, creative, kind, and incredibly intelligent - all qualities that are sure to help you achieve great things in this world. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey!

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