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CAPTURING SKYLAR: Senior Portraits That Capture Milestones

Updated: Jun 19

Meet Skylar Werschey, a high school senior from the Southeast. This fall, she plans to attend the University of Akron to pursue a degree in Nursing. Skylar's personality is characterized by a lively, cheerful demeanor that lights up any room. Known for being outgoing and full of enthusiasm, Skylar brings a sense of joy and positivity wherever she goes. Whether laughing with friends or enjoying new experiences, Skylar's infectious energy leaves a lasting impression on everyone around her.

Laughter-Filled Moments: Skylar's Unforgettable Senior Session

Skylar brought an abundance of personality and energy to her photoshoot. The session was filled with laughter and fun, making it a memorable experience for all. Skylar's full of life presence radiates in these photos, capturing her joyful spirit perfectly. She shared how much she enjoyed laughing and having a great time with Davinda during the shoot, which aligns perfectly with our goal for your senior session—to create a fun and engaging atmosphere while capturing your true essence! Although Davinda said it was so easy with Skylar because she has known her her whole life. Davinda also touched on how fast it seems that Skylar grew up. She said, “It doesn’t seem possible that it’s already time for senior photos but here we are. I’m so happy I get to be the one to capture this beautiful girl’s senior pictures for her and for her family”.

Memories Captured: Skylar's Personal Touches

Skylar's photoshoot was a unique and personal experience, thanks to her decision to include her dad's restored car and her own truck. We were thrilled to capture these meaningful elements in her photos, as they tell a story and add a touch of individuality to her senior session. Incorporating personal touches like these not only made the shoot special for Skylar, but also ensured that the memories captured will be even more cherished in the years to come. It's our goal to create senior sessions that reflect your unique journey, and Skylar's shoot did just that!

Words of Wisdom: Skylar's Advice for Embracing Life

Skylar's photoshoot was a blast, filled with laughter and a relaxed, fun atmosphere! We asked Skylar if she had any advice for her past self, and she shared some wise words: just have fun, enjoy the little things, and not take anything too seriously. This advice is perfect for us all—embracing the present moment and finding joy in life's simple pleasures. Skylar, thank you for choosing Capture Life Photography to document this special chapter of your journey! We loved working with you and capturing your lively spirit!

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