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Session Fee:  $250 - $300 (chose your session)

Our session fee is the fee that we charge to do your session. 

Your session fee is due at the time that you book your session and reserves your session date and time on our calendar. 

Session fees are nonrefundable.  ​Prints and products are sold separately. 

Prints and Products are sold seperately.
(visit our product page for pricing and packages)   

A few weeks after your senior session, you and your parents will come to your image reveal and ordering session.  At this appointment, we will show you all of your final images in a senior video.

We offer a variety of heirloom products including prints, albums and wall art.  We also offer digital images.
We have something for everyone.

Call or text us at 330-842-0265 to get on our calendar or on our first call list.  We will begin booking your classes senior sessions the winter of your junior year; however, you can get on our first call list at any time for any year.

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