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Our vision for our Seniors

This generation is the most photographed generation in history with the least amount of printed photographs to show it.  In an almost entirely digital world, it is important to document this special time in their life in professional, printed pictures.  

Our world has become almost entirely digital.  We use our phones as cameras to document our lives.  The danger in doing this is that these images end up living on our phones and as technology changes, our access to preserve and keep these images does too.  

Sadly, our children are growing up with very few printed images of themselves.  Having professional senior pictures done ensures that your most treasured memories exist in the future to be enjoyed by future generations.  Printed photos matter, they tell our story.

Our style is relaxed, candid and fun.  We love spontaneity, smiles and laughter.  We also love a well thought out planned session that will capture all aspects of your personality. 

Our vision is to create amazing images and provide you with amazing keepsake products that you will love, proudly display in your home, and pass down through the generations. 

Don't let this important time go by without being well documented. 



Our vision for our
Teen Team

It is important to document this time in a teen's life too. 

The vision for our Teen Team is to promote kindness, inclusion, and camaraderie

among our peers and within our communities. 

Being a part of our Teen Team is simply a promise to be the best version of yourself. 

My Teen Team is a group of inspiring teens that the younger generation can look up to. ​

Our photoshoots and time together will promote confidence and self-love while 

building new friendships and leadership skills.


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