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Client Testimonials

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL REBECCA STAFFORD I searched for a year in advance for my daughter's perfect senior photographer. That is exactly what CLP has been for us. From capturing Cheyenne's unique style with the use of CLP's style rack and makeup artist to making her feel comfortable in her own skin in a stress-free environment, Davinda knew exactly what we were looking for without us even having to tell her. I highly recommend that anyone who wants authenic senior pictures you chose CLP.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL JACKIE CROTEAU I am so grateful Lily found Davinda and met these beautiful friends. They have become so close, and I love having them all over giggling upstairs. If it wasn't for Davinda they wouldn't have met each other. Thank you so much for offering such an amazing experience.

CLIENT TESTIMONAL KATE CAMPBELL I loved my senior session with Davinda, she made me feel seen and heard. I got to share my story of what makes me --> ME. My photos reflect who I am and how I've gotten to be the 18 year old that I am today. I highly recommend Davinda as she truly, Captures Life.

CLIENT TESTIMONAL MARINA NICHOLS One of the most special moments I got to experience my senior year were my photo shoots with Davinda. Davinda made me feel so confident and beautiful in all of my photos. She definately knows exactly what to do and how to get all the best angles. Davinda made my senior year so special and I will never forget how amazing my experience was working with her.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL LAYLA KUBINEC Davinda made me feel at ease. I felt important during my session, she made it all about me. I love how passionate she is about photography.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL HAYLEE HERSHNER Davinda is such an amazing photographer who makes you feel so comfortable. She makes shooting so much fun and knows how to show off her silly side. I love every single one of my pictures. There is not one bad one. I would highly recommend using Capture Life Photography for your senior pictures.

ANONYMOUS TESTIMONIAL You know what I love about your posts? They make you smile. There is positivity in every post, and no one criticizes. I know I can always look at your post when I am having one of those days. Thank you for bringing smiles and pure happiness to us.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL KATHERINE ABBUHL Teen Team has been an amazing experience for Jessie and so many of her friends. Davinda puts her whole heart into this, and it shows every time they get together. We are truly blessed to be a part of this team!

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for last night. You have no idea how much she needed to hear that. She has been struggling with finding a way to fit in and you helped boost her confidence and self-esteem so much. These girls are so blessed to have you in their life, but so are us mommas! Thank you for being you and loving our girls as much as you do.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Mackenzie Wood I just wanted to thank you for all you do and for giving me the confidence I needed. I applied to my first modeling agency this week and got a call for an audition today! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you 💓💓

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL BRIANNA SIMMS Southeast High School "I chose Davinda as my senior photographer because I knew she would do more than just capture my senior year. She captured me. She took the time to get to know me. She would send me magazines and show me pictures of places and sets she knew I would love or create a set to fit exactly what I wanted. No one could have done the job better. I loved spending every minute with her." - Brianna Simms-interview with Inspiring Teens Magazine.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL GRACIE SCHILL Hoban Archbishop High School "If you are looking for a creative, fun, loving, super talented photographer who has passion for her work, look no further. I would literally never call another photographer for anything I ever needed in the future. She brings out the best of everyone in her work. Cost is more than fair but it won’t matter when you see the photos just be prepared to buy them all.” - Jay Schill

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL SOPHIA WARF “I love how you engage and really listen to the senior you are working with. Working with their ideas and with your expertise and creativity you really bring it to life. You give your seniors the opportunity to have something to look forward to as well as make it a happy, positive memorable experience for them. You care and that comes through with each session. With my child said she felt very comfortable with you.” - Patricia Raber

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL MADDIE CUSTER CVCA High School "I recommend everyone check out Capture Life Photography by Davinda for Senior pictures. We have had such an incredible experience" - Rhonda Custer

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL CONNOR CRISLIP Southeast High School "Hey all you high school juniors- hurry up and schedule your senior pics with Davinda! She’s the best around and you will ❤️ the results!" - Kelly Crislip

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL JULIA LANGGUTH Rootstown High School "Any junior parents out there - ask us about Capture Life Photography! They did a great job with Julia’s senior pictures. The pictures came out awesome - really worked with us on locations and what Julia really wanted. The video of the shoot that you get is something you’ll treasure forever!" - Stephanie Langguth

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL AVA HUEBNER Rootstown High School "Hey Parents of Juniors - ask Ava about Capture Life Photography! They did a great job with Ava’s senior pictures. The pictures came out awesome. Davinda really works hard to capture the personalities of her seniors! She listened to what we wanted and went ABOVE AND BEYOND with locations and images!!!!! The video of the shoot is something you’ll treasure forever, made me cry, can’t wait to show it at her graduation party!" - Alisa Huebner

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL EMILY MAREK Crestwood High School "Anyone thinking about senior pictures please keep this AMAZING photographer in mind. She did Emily’s and I am blown away. Thank you Capture Life Photography by Davinda for making this shy girl feel comfortable and for bringing out every beautiful quality in her. I really do not have enough good things to say about this experience. Book your senior pictures with Davinda, YOU WON’T BE SORRY!" - Jennifer Kenney

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL BRIANNA SIMMS Southeast High School "I really love how you capture personalities in photos. You take time to talk to them and get to know them before their session. All of the pictures are so unique, I don’t know how you don’t run out of ideas! They always look like they are having so much fun in all the pictures, because they are. When they see their photos, they feel beautiful despite their insecurities." - Tiffany Dillon

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL EMMA THORNTON Garfield High School "Anyone needing senior pictures contact Capture Life Photography by Davinda she is amazing! Anyone who knows Emma knows she is not a girly girl and Davinda even got her to wear a dress!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and and amazing experience! I’m going to need an entire scrapbook for just the senior pictures!" - Jodi Thornton

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL KIMMY SCHAEFER Southeast High School "I have had such positive feedback about Kimmy’s senior pictures. You can have the same experience for your junior, soon to be senior. Kimmy and I can share how wonderful Capture Life Photography by Davinda really is. It’s not just the pictures. It’s the experience too!" - Tisa Schaefer

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL JAGGAR KOKOCHAK Rootstown High School "Capture Life Photography did such an amazing job with Jaggar’s senior pictures. Davinda really listened to what HE WANTED and it shows in the picture. His unique personality just “shines” through!!! Don’t even get me started about the video of the shoot, it will make you cry. It’s something I will forever treasure and can’t wait to share at his graduation party!!!💙🤍" - Rindi Kokochak

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL BRIANNA SIMMS Southeast High School "The coolest thing that you do are the group shoots with your Team of Senior Influencers. Giving up your free time to do group shoots is so appreciated. They’re just full of bonding and doing different things that wouldn’t be done in normal senior pictures. These pictures and spending time with you and the other girls has seriously been the best part of my senior year." - Brianna

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