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Come be a part of the fun

I am looking for teens who strive to make a difference in their schools and community.

Being a part of my teen team means you will have the opportunity to represent my photography studio, your school, and most of all, YOU for an entire year. My Teen Team is open to any upcoming freshmen, sophomores, or juniors from any school. I am looking for teens who are role models among their peers and interested in promoting kindness, inclusion, and camaraderie in their schools and communities.

My teen team is a place to build and advocate for self-love and confidence.

Are you ready to take on the hard topics of teen life, participate in community service projects, advocate for yourself and for your fellow teens, and ready to make a difference in your school and community by promoting kindness and camaraderie? If you answered yes to those questions, then I WANT YOU ON MY TEEN TEAM!!!

Teen Team participants will receive many perks, including, but not limited to, styled model calls, themed group photo shoots, free social media images, individual photos, a guaranteed spot on my Team of Senior Influencers, teen talks (like a TED talk, but better), make new friends, and so much more.

Spots are limited, there is an application process to apply, and a participation fee of $350. If you’re interested, please first talk to your parents and make sure you have their permission to apply.

Membership will be for 12 months beginning June 1st - May 31st.


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