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With the weather warming up and signs of spring appearing, more people are outside, enjoying life with friends and family! The girls on the Teen Team all got outside last weekend and had a blast together! We all enjoyed some ice cream, and bonded as a team! But before we begin, I'll let you in on a little secret... My name is Lily Hritz, and I am one of the assistants for the Teen Team at Capture Life Photography! This blog will be about the photoshoot from MY perspective!! Ready?? LET’S BEGIN!!!

This was the first group shoot I assisted with and it was a blast!! I'll be honest though, I felt a tad awkward at the start. I mean, can you blame me? I was hanging out with a bunch of beautiful girls I barely knew! I think we all feel that way from time to time, a little awkward or intimidated by our surroundings, but once I got past the initial jitters, it was all smiles and camera clicks. I don’t know why I was so nervous because it was so easy to hang out with all these beautiful girls, after all isn’t that what the Teen Team is all about? Kindness, inclusion and being authentically yourself. Here’s to many more group shoots and even more awkward-turned-awesome moments! Thanks for letting me show up and be ME!!

We played a little game where I kept a tally of how many times Davinda said the word "Cute" and the girls had to guess! The final number said 68, however, there was a good chunk of time where I wasn't around her, so I have a feeling it's closer to 150! It got to the point where Davinda would catch herself, pause and say something like "pretty", "adorable", or "lovely"!! It was so fun hearing the girls' guesses. Someone even guessed 3,424 times!!!

It was so amazing watching the girls all bond with one another! Girls empowering each other during a photoshoot isn't just about striking the perfect pose or capturing the ideal shot; it's about creating a space where confidence blooms like wildflowers and insecurities fade into the background. That's what the Teen Team is all about, and these girls are pros!

At the start of the shoot, some of the girls were more quiet and shy. But as the shoot went on, you could just see their confidence growing. A truly beautiful moment to witness!! Not only do the girls make you feel more comfortable, Davinda provides such a fun environment to be in! All together, we are working to make the world more positive, one shoot at time!!

After a while, the weather started heating up more and more. With the sun beaming down, it very quickly became hot. Sooooooo... The girls all got to enjoy some ice cream, the best way to enjoy the warm weather!! It was cute how some of the ice cream matched the girls' outfits!! I mean seriously!! There was a pink tie dye dress and an ice cream that looked exactly like the dress!! And of course we took photos with the ice cream, check them out!

Oh my goodness, this shoot was an absolute blast! Seriously, for my debut in a group shoot, it was a total hit! I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Sure, I’ve got tons to pick up along the way, but hey, that’s all part of the adventure, right? I’m already so excited to hang out more with this awesome squad of gals and the best boss! Bring on the next shoot!!!

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