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CAPTURING MEGAN: A Photographer’s Dream Client

Updated: Jun 19

Introducing Megan Autry from Crestwood High School. Megan is a bright, kind, lively, lovely, and enjoyable young lady! Megan chose CLP to do her senior photos because Davinda coincidentally graduated with Megan’s father, creating a complete circle of connections! It’s always so special when a life long friend chooses us to capture moments that we experienced together with them so many years ago. (A little throwback to give you a little giggle as we begin this blog)

Back to Megan…

Unlike Megan’s father and myself, Megan is a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera! Choosing our favorite senior pictures from the ones we captured was a challenging task. Megan is undeniably one of the most photogenic individuals we have encountered, truly a photographer's dream! Keep reading to see the stunning images we collaborated on creating; every single one is simply adored by us!

Do you see what we're talking about? Each shot is impeccable, and this is only the start of her collection!! Megan - your natural beauty is something we will never forget, and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to capture it.

Megans senior pictures were taken at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where we thoroughly explored and photographed her at various locations within the park. This added an element of fun to her shoot, as the park's stunning scenery served as a beautiful backdrop for the images.


One interesting aspect of Megan's photo shoot that may not be apparent from the images is that it was a scorching 90 degrees that day. Despite planning for a fall session, Megan found herself dressed in trendy autumn attire on one of the hottest days for the shoot! Nevertheless, she remained unfazed by the heat and still exuded an amazing look even in the sweltering weather. While her outfit choices may have added to the heat, they undeniably complemented the surroundings and her beautifully!


One special element incorporated into Megan's senior photoshoot was a car. This car is significant as it was restored and presented to her by her father as a gift. Receiving a gift crafted with love and dedication is truly unparalleled. The strong bond between Megan and her parents is evident, adding an extra layer of sweetness to these pictures, making them even more meaningful as they celebrate this important milestone together.


Finally, we were fortunate to photograph Megan in her cap and gown prior to her official graduation. We cherish the opportunity to preserve these moments for her, providing her with everlasting memories of this special time. Megan, it has been a privilege to be the ones to document this chapter of your life! We appreciate your participation on another warm day and your effortless ability to showcase your beauty. Your gracious, altruistic, and brilliant spirit is destined for great accomplishments, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing you reach your aspirations!

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