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CAPTURING GRACIE: Senior Photos with Personality

Meet Gracie Westover, a senior from Southeast High School. Gracie's high school journey includes her involvement in both golf and being a majorette. She has been on the golf team all four years of high school, a testament to her dedication and passion for the sport. Having golfed since she was little, Gracie's experience and skill have made her a valuable member of the team.

In addition to her accomplishments in golf, Gracie's role as a majorette has been equally significant. Spending Friday nights under the lights as a majorette has been one of the highlights of her high school career, where she let her school's spirit shine.

Gracie's senior pictures radiate her well-known kindness, joy, humor, and energetic spirit. Her lively personality shines through in every shot.

When we asked Gracie if there was anything special she wanted to include in her photos, she chose a hat gifted to her by her sister. This thoughtful gesture was a beautiful reflection of Gracie's love and appreciation for her family. Inspired by the hat, we looked for the perfect location to fit the vibe. We found a greenhouse, that provided a lush and captivating backdrop.

The results were nothing short of spectacular—Gracie looked absolutely stunning in the hat, which perfectly complemented the beautiful greenhouse she was in. She thrived in the setting, showcasing her natural beauty and style in magazine-worthy shots. These shots were so fun to do!

If you know Gracie, you know she has a love for blue dresses. Almost all of her homecoming and prom dresses over the years have been blue, except for one year, so it was only fitting that she wore a blue dress for her senior pictures. Gracie did not disappoint—she looked absolutely stunning in her signature color! The blue dress perfectly complemented her style and brought out her full of life personality, making her truly stand out in every shot. Gracie's choice of dress added a special touch to the photos. Gracie - blue is your color!!!

For the final set of Gracie's senior pictures, we ventured to a barn, where the rustic setting added a charming touch to the session. Although a storm unexpectedly rolled in, Gracie remained gracious and positive, making the best of the situation. We took advantage of the cozy barn interior, capturing some of the prettiest pictures of Gracie in the process.

Once the storm passed, we were able to resume the session outside, finishing up with even more stunning images. Gracie's adaptability and cheerful attitude throughout the weather challenges allowed us to create memorable and beautiful photographs both inside and outside the barn.

Gracie, thank you for choosing us to capture this special time in your life! Your outgoing personality shines brightly in every photo, and we know these qualities will serve you well as you embark on the next chapter of your journey. Gracie plans to attend Kent State University for Communications after graduation. We're excited to see all that you accomplish in the future, and we wish you the very best in everything you do!

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