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CAPTURING ANA: Portraits that showcase YOU

Updated: Jun 19

Meet Ana Strausser, a senior from Southeast High School. Ana has truly embraced her senior year, attending numerous school games, hanging out with friends, and cherishing the remaining time she has in high school. After graduation, Ana plans to attend Kent State University in the fall. While her major is currently undecided, she is excited to begin her journey in their exploratory program. We are so excited for her!! Now, let's take a trip down memory lane and look at some of her senior pictures!

Ana was very active within her school, which allowed her to enjoy her senior year even more! She was involved in the National Honor Society, Link Crew, Leo Club, and served as the class secretary. One of her favorite activities was being part of Danceline, which also led to one of her favorite photo shoots with Davinda. Ana's involvement in these various activities enriched her high school experience and created lasting memories.

Speaking of favorite shoots, Ana loved her wildflower shoot immensely. This might be because she loves flowers, but also because the images turned out STUNNING! Ana flourished among the wildflowers, capturing their beauty along with her own. The shoot was particularly enjoyable for us because she loved being surrounded by the flowers which allowed us to capture her in her element. Ana, always remember to stop and immerse yourself in the flowers!

Ana told us that she loved the shoots because she got to visit really beautiful places! She also loved how fun it was to take pictures with Davinda. One thing about Capture Life Photography is that you're going to have fun and laugh during your session—that's what makes us so great. We don’t want it to be just snapping a couple of pictures and moving on; it's an experience!

Ana brought the laughter to her shoot! Any chance she got, she was laughing and truly enjoying herself. We hope you all feel that way during your shoots—just let go and be yourself! Ana, you are such a bubbly spirit, and we loved it so much. Your senior pictures reflect that beautifully!

Ana's shoots were fun to do because they allowed her to express herself through her outfit choices for each location we picked! We love seeing what you're going to choose to wear to your shoots, but if you're not able to decide, we are always here to help. Ana had these super cute green Converse that helped bring her outfit to life!

Although Ana is full of life and laughter, she also has a side that loves to get cozied up with a good book. Since these are her senior pictures, we wanted to capture one of her favorite pastimes. Ana's bubbly personality still shone through in these pictures, making them so fun to take.

We couldn't resist sharing these precious pictures captured with two of the most important people in your life! Remember that while this is a new chapter for you, it's also a new journey for your parents.

We had the privilege of capturing this beautiful girl who brought so much sunshine to every single shoot. Ana, thank you for being your wonderful self and for choosing us! We hope you carry this zest for life wherever you go!

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May 23
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Absolutely beautiful.

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