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CAPTURING NORAH: Norah's Rainy Day Senior Adventure

Updated: Jun 19

Meet Norah Truex, a high school senior from Southeast High School. She is an active volleyball player and enjoys quality time with her friends. Norah is an enthusiastic reader and finds joy in listening to music.

Modeling Potential: An untapped career opportunity?

Given Norah’s natural grace and beauty, I couldn't help but think about her potential for a modeling career. Norah seemed as though she was born to command the camera.

A Garden of Dreams for Norah Rose

With a name as enchanting as Norah Rose, it's only fitting that we seek out a location that exudes the same grace and charm. Norah’s photoshoot took place at the picturesque Fellows Riverside Gardens, at Mill Creek Park, providing an ideal backdrop for her senior pictures. The park is known for its lush landscapes, including colorful flower beds and tranquil natural scenery, making it a dream location for photography. Norah posed among the beautiful flowers, and she gleamed with confidence, perfectly complementing the colorful and serene environment. The combination of Norah's natural beauty and the stunning surroundings made for a breathtaking photo session.

Timeless Elegance

When capturing senior images, the goal is to create photos that stand out and truly showcase who you are. However, black and white images offer a classic and timeless quality that adds a touch of elegance to your photos. These three black and white images of Norah are absolutely stunning; they capture her beautifully and emphasize her natural grace. The monochrome tones enhance her features and add a sense of depth and artistry to the photographs.

Bring on the Rain: Norah Shines Through the Stormy Skies

One memorable aspect of Norah's shoot was the unexpected rain that arrived during the session. Instead of letting the weather dampen her spirits, Norah embraced the change and continued with the photoshoot. Her willingness to go with the flow created a fun and spontaneous atmosphere, resulting in stunning images that captured the unique moment. Norah's adaptability and positive attitude allowed us to make the most of the situation and produce truly unforgettable photos.

Despite the rain, we embraced the unexpected weather and transformed it into a unique and enjoyable experience together. Norah's positive attitude, flexibility and being able to just have fun allowed us to create stunning senior images together. Norah, thank you for choosing us to preserve these special moments—you made the session unforgettable!

Before concluding this blog, I'm curious: Am I the only one who sees the striking resemblance between my senior model and Emma Stone? Maybe I just see star potential in this one.

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