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Lilac Dreams: The Magic of a Birthday Celebration Captured - by Teen Team assistant Lily Hritz

This month, we celebrated the birthdays of six beautiful girls: Cadence Hoover, Kelsey Dillon, Carleigh Miller, Victoria Blangero, Brooklynn Beetler, and Olivia Bragg. There are so many places for amazing photos, but for this shoot, we picked a hidden garden tucked away in our own backyard! It felt like a dream, with every corner offering a new perfect backdrop. We felt the quiet serenity of this garden complemented their personalities and beauty perfectly.

This hidden gem is the Wolcott Lilac Garden located in Kent, Ohio, and oh, my goodness, there were so many beautiful flowers in bloom, not just lilacs, every spring flower you can imagine! There are so many places around us that we see every day, but if you look a little closer, you can find the BEST places for photoshoots! From the front, it looks like a cute little house, but in the back, there are hundreds of flowers. The purple hues and the fragrant lilacs had us mesmerized from the moment we walked through the gate. It is always a mission to find the best locations for all of our shoots.

Just imagine walking up to what seems like an ordinary house, only to discover a magical garden bursting with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. It was like stepping into a fairy tale! We couldn't believe our eyes. Every turn revealed another stunning view, and we were in absolute awe of the endless sea of blossoms. It's amazing how much beauty can be hidden right before our eyes!

This was definitely one of the most fragrant shoots we've ever been on! With every turn, we were greeted with a fresh, sweet, and calming scent. It was like walking through a dreamy perfume garden! Flowers aren't just a pretty sight; they mean so much more. Lilacs, for example, symbolize the joy of youth, and these girls perfectly embody that spirit.

The girls were laughing, twirling, and just having the best time! There's so much to enjoy in life, especially at this age! It's a time of endless possibilities and boundless energy. We felt so inspired by the vibrant colors and uplifting scents, and it was an absolute joy to capture these moments of pure happiness.

It's always such a great time with the girls. We could have been here all-night taking photos!! BUT the mosquitoes were a bit of a buzzkill... Get it? I just love the positivity and inclusion these girls promote. I have the best job in the world, getting to meet amazing young girls, help build their confidence, and join in their mission to spread positivity!

It was an honor to celebrate their birthdays with them and help capture such an important milestone in their teenage lives!

Can't wait until our next photo adventure-thanks for letting me tag along. - Lily

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May 28
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful photography, location, and talent!

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