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CAPTURING COURTNEY: Senior Photos for the Girly Girls

Updated: Jun 19

Meet Courtney Williams: Cheerleader, Golfer, and Future Biomedical Scientist

Introducing Courtney Williams from Canfield High School. We love Courtney and her genuine personality. She takes pleasure in socializing with her friends and having a good time! She participates in cheerleading during football season and also plays golf. Friday night football games were Courtney's favorite because of the lively atmosphere and excitement that made them so enjoyable! Being a senior, Courtney found it particularly meaningful to fully experience each game with her friends. After high school she plans on attending Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia to study biomedical sciences. After that she plans on going to optometry school.

Glamour and Grace: Courtney’s Stunning Senior Photoshoot

One distinctive trait of Courtney is her love for all things girly, and that's something we truly appreciate about her. If you're familiar with her, you're aware that pink is her favorite color!

Courtney arrived with killer outfits that complimented her beauty and style. Each piece was thoughtfully selected to enhance her personality and the overall vibe we wanted to capture. The variety in her wardrobe allowed us to explore different looks, from casual chic to glamorous elegance, ensuring that every shot was unique and truly representative of who she is. Her careful attention to detail and willingness to collaborate made the session a creative and enjoyable experience, resulting in stunning photos that she'll cherish forever.

Courtney definitely exuded elegance in her photos. Her stunning presence shone through in every pose, never once showing shyness in front of the camera. She looked like a modern-day Belle from Beauty and the Beast... but maybe that's because of the cute bow and beautiful smile!

Courtney expressed her enjoyment of the photoshoot with Capture Life Photography, highlighting the fun of trying out various poses. She appreciated how her personality was effectively captured by Davinda through the camera lens. Although, Courtney's exceptional beauty made the photo shoot effortless as she looked stunning in every single shot. Her smile has the power to brighten up an entire room!!

A Leader and Inspiration: Courtney’s Influence on Her Peers

Courtney radiates leadership and stays true to herself! We enjoyed connecting with her and capturing these timeless images for her and her family. Courtney mentioned that one of the highlights of being a senior was inspiring her younger peers! That is also one of the reasons we loved having her be a part of our Team of Senior Influencers. It's clear that she is destined for greatness and will serve as a remarkable role model for everyone around her!

Courtney expressed her enjoyment of the group photo shoot at the sunflower field with the senior team, not only because of the stunning surroundings, but also because she had the opportunity to meet other senior influencers. She found it enjoyable and heartwarming to connect with girls from various schools.

A Perfect Fit: Why Courtney Chose Capture Life Photography

Here's an interesting tidbit... Courtney discovered us thanks to another girl who was present at the sunflower photoshoot! Gracie Westover had previously shared photos she had taken with us, which caught Courtney’s eye, and prompted Courtney to contact us for her senior pictures. We are grateful that social media connected us because we were fortunate to capture her senior portraits!

Looking Ahead: Courtney’s Bright Future and Lasting Impact

Courtney, we look forward to keeping in touch and following you as you start this new chapter! It has been a pleasure capturing your senior era and crossing paths with such a kind soul. Your zest for life and authentic self-expression are truly admirable qualities that we cherish about you. Stay true to yourself and continue savoring all the little moments life presents!

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