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CAPTURING IVY: Elegant Senior Portraits

Introducing the lovely Ivy Huang from Newton Falls High School. Ivy is involved in volleyball, National Honor Society, and Speech and Debate. Working with Ivy was a pleasure, and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the location where we took her pictures! We are thrilled to showcase her senior pictures and we hope you find them just as delightful as we do!

Due to inclement weather, Ivy's senior session had to be rescheduled twice. It was not until mid-winter that we were finally able to capture Ivy's senior pictures. Despite the delays, Ivy remained patient and understanding, eager to ensure that her senior pictures turned out perfectly. While we couldn't shoot outdoors, this led us to discover a stunning hidden gem in Mahoning County where we were able to capture her pictures. We are excited to share this beautiful find with you!

Ivy's senior session took place at The Woodland Estate, a 19th-century mansion in Mahoning County that we uncovered as a hidden gem. This historic Greek Revival Mansion is currently undergoing renovations to restore its former glory and transform it into a stunning event venue. The estate provided a picturesque backdrop, resulting in elegant photos of Ivy.

We were able to make full use of the amenities at this stunning estate, including a piano! The piano added a touch of elegance to Ivy's photos, making her look like she was ready to perform. It was a great prop for her pictures, since Ivy is a musician and has taken piano lessons since she was a young girl. Ivy looked absolutely stunning with the piano, showcasing her true beauty and talent.

At the beginning of our shoot, Ivy was somewhat reserved and quiet, but as soon as we brought out the camera and started shooting she started to open up more. It was wonderful to witness her gradually becoming more at ease and pushing past her comfort zone! I believe that wearing outfits that made her feel beautiful and comfortable played a significant role in her transformation as well! Ivy - thank you for being patient with us and rescheduling so that we could create these beautiful images together! We are so happy you chose us to capture your senior pictures!

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