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CAPTURING ALEX: A Senior Photoshoot that Celebrates Intelligence and Beauty

Introducing Alex Levy, a recent graduate from Bio-Med Science Academy. Alex's brilliance shines through, and it was a privilege to capture her genuine essence. Despite any initial camera shyness, Alex excelled in her senior photoshoot – you wouldn't guess it was her first professional session! The stunning pictures were taken at various spots around Kent State University campus, a fitting backdrop for her. We're excited for you to explore the rest of her photos!


Despite being a bit camera shy, this girl proved to be a natural model throughout the photoshoot! She enthusiastically posed for various shots, including some with her beloved books. The stunning book backdrop on Kent State's Campus was the perfect setting for capturing her beauty.

Perhaps someone might consider reaching out to a magazine or creating a bookstagram for this girl because her images are truly stunning! She possesses kindness, intelligence, remarkable beauty, and a passion for books - a perfect combination!


We love how our seniors showcase their personalities through their hobbies and passions. Another thing we love is how an outfit can change the whole mood and bring out another side of you. When Alex put on her black leather jacket we saw a different side of Alex completely. It was wonderful to witness her transformation during the shoot, and we are grateful for the opportunity to capture this side of her! Believe me, the jacket was a whole vibe!!

Alex, it has truly been a joy to immortalize this significant moment in your life! Your enthusiasm for education, reading, and simply being yourself is truly invigorating! We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to photograph you and assist you in coming out of your comfort zone and helping you feel at ease in front of the camera. We are thrilled for you as you embark on this next chapter of your life, and we have no doubt that you will accomplish incredible things in this world!

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